Way Awesome Potato Knishes, Kasha Knishes
Posting the video for knishes last summer, I am struck that so many months have passed and I've yet to get this recipe posted. A cursory review of this past half year leaves me shrugging. It's...
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How to Form Knishes
This is the companion to making the knishes - the first recipe is how to make the dough and filling. This is how to put it all together.Good luck and have fun!...
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Spicy Chicken Wingettes
I've resigned myself to the fact that 2012, like 2011, is vacation-less. Doesn't stop me of dreaming of Maui, Oahu or even that tall plastic leaved palm tree that used to sit in Butte, Mo...
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Oven Baked Honey Mustard Chicken Fingers
These chicken fingers are yummy. I'm not usually a mustard or breast meat fan. I love these. The mustard is subtle combined with olive oil and honey. Panko crumbs add a crunchy texture. Tag lines ...
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Vegetarian Fried Spring Rolls
I've been wanting to make spring rolls for a long time. Actually, I've been wanting to make Filipino lumpia for a long time. Similar, the wrapper is different; lighter. I tried making my own b...
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Ground Turkey Fried Wontons and Potstickers
As long as I have everything in place for spring rolls, I figure I should make fried wontons and potstickers. I haven't made them before but, as with all things cooking, I think that if someone el...
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Classic Potato Latkes - Oven baked (REVISED*)
*Check out the new video on how to make oven baked latkes! Less time, fuss and oil - more time to party! Scroll below to watch video now.I made these last night for an event. We have a saying in the k...
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Curried Vegetable Empanadas
A couple of weeks ago, we started serving a 4 day marathon of meals at a local hotel. The first evening's buffet reception boasted an array of foods representing our diverse Northwest cuisine...
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Baba Ganoush
We frequently come to this website for recipes. Working from my home office, I bring what I need to the kitchen on prep days. Sometimes I forget things and it has been very handy to have so many recip...
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Easy to Work Empanada Dough
I first made empanadas last spring, using a black bean and green plantain filling to great reviews. My most recent curried vegetable empanadas are fabulous. Both are encased with this wonderful d...
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Spicy Yellow Dahl Dip
Doing a semi-authentic Indian inspired dinner the other night, semi- authentic only because my experience with Indian food is minimal, I remember that I have a recipe for this dip in my recipe bi...
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Roasted Red Pepper Dip
I confess. This website has become invaluable to me as a resource in the kitchen. When I forget a recipe, I just go to the archive. Of course, I'm on a 3G Blackberry; great for email but bad for i...
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Baba Ganoush 2 (with onion and mayo)
I can't eat eggplant. This leaves me at the mercy of my chefs when it comes to making baba ganoush. This is the recipe I've made for years, that is until Frank came onboard. He's not into ...
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Jerusalem Artichoke and Asparagus Frittata
If at first I don't succeed, I quit or keep trying. Believing that this recipe, derived from "La Tartine Gourmande - Recipes for an Inspired Life" by Beatrice Peltre, has poten...
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Filo Wrapped Asparagus
I love wrapping asparagus in filo. It doesn't get much easier to create a thoughtful appetizer. This particular batch is pareve as I wanted to use regular and black sesame seeds. Other times, I ro...
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Recently hired to cater a Jewish event at The Swedish Club, I joke to the client that possibly they want Swedish food; lutefisk. Seattle, clear cut for civilized living by strapping lumberjacks of Swe...
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Guasacaca (Chunky Avocado Salsa)
Okay, you look at the photo and you think 'guacamole'. Look closer. There are actually pieces of diced avocado blended with smooth avocado. You can keep thinking guacamole but this takes it up...
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Pumpkin Borekas
I love Sukkot. It is like Thanksgiving a month early....and, for 8 days. For me, that means all things apple and all things pumpkin. Catering a couple of sukkah parties is a opportunity to make pumpki...
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Futomaki - American Style
It's been a tough couple of weeks catering; 14 days non-stop. We've served up all manner of foods to great reviews. Only one tough customer remains, my daughter Aviva. She complains that I mak...
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Vegetables Escabeche
Okay, this isn't a Rosh Hashana recipe. It is a great way to use the summer harvest. Using Martha Stewart's Hors d'Oeuvres Handbook, I flip to a page with a list of vegetables recommended ...
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I serve gazpacho in small cups as appetizers, both passed or on buffets. I also serve it as a starter course in Cosmo glasses. Looks beautiful in a glass bowl, too. Late August and September, with a l...
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Rolled Lox Platter
My brain stutters to think of how many pounds of lox we have rolled and served over the years. 20 pounds last week, 30 pounds this week....Every now and then I like to post a photo to give readers a v...
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Spanokopita (dairy or parve)
It's motzei Shabbat and I'm watching Hurricane Irene work her way up the Eastern seaboard. Times Square is abandoned, the subways are closed and crazy CNN reporters cruise the empty streets of...
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Cucumber Cups with Smoked Trout Mousse (Dairy or Parve)
Appetizers can be tricky for a kosher caterer. If I serve a meat meal, appetizers are meat or parve. A dairy meal requires dairy or parve teasers. We don't serve fish and meat together. I have veg...
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Falafel Patties with Tehini (Gluten-free)
Serving falafel last weekend to rave reviews, most guests are surprised that it tastes homemade. It should taste homemade as it is a real little red hen process to make. We do everything short of grow...
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Eggplant Filling for Borekas (Boreca de Berenjena)
Sigh, another great Sephardic item and I don't have the final photo. Focusing on getting 2 Shabbat events cooked and baked by sundown on Friday, I totally space all my final shots. No photos on Sh...
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Sephardic Borekas
No self-respecting website posting a slew of Sephardic recipes in one day could omit borekas. These are, according to my mentor Katherine Scharon, the real deal. No funky random puff pastry wrapped bl...
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Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves
I refer to these vegetarian stuffed grape leaves as my 'yuppie' version. The local Sephardim make a very soft rice and parsley filled grape leaf that is very lemony. They are general...
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What would a kosher site be without a hummus recipe? We make 20 - 30 pounds of this at a time for events but in small batches. When making large quantities, we soak and cook our beans. For a smaller q...
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Dressel Collins Kippered Salmon
The Sephardic community, along with others in the know, love Dressel Collins Kippered Salmon. One must make a special trip to the 'hood, drive down a short dead end, and look for a nondescript doo...
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Dreamin' of Mexico Ceviche
This is a beautiful fish starter to any summer or tropical Shabbat. Coming across a ceviche recipe made with scallops, I take the interesting parts of the recipe and transform it into this kosher vers...
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Can't Eat Enough Guacamole
Guacamole and chips, I love guacamole and chips. It is so incredibly simple to make and even more simple to buy ready made when you're in a pinch. Either way, can't do Cinco, Seis, or Siete de...
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Assorted Cheese Platter
This photo of a cheese platter reminds me that we are able to create some nice kosher cheese platters. Featured here is Swiss cheese, Bleu cheese, Brie, Smoked Provolone, a soft goat cheese and Baby G...
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Artichoke Bottom and Parmesan Dip
Served warm, this is a classic on the catering buffet. Rich and cheesy, the artichoke adds an earthy flavor. For kosher reasons, we don't serve any part of the artichoke except the bottom. It...
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Deep Fried Smashed Fingerling Potatoes
The idea of smashing boiled potatoes and then deep frying them has been around for a bit. Susie Fishbein has a recipe in her newest book, Kosher By Design Teens and 20-somethings where she sprink...
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Yukon Gold Potato and Leek Latkes
These are my favorite potato latkes. I love the sweetness of the Yukon Gold potato with the mildly pungent leeks. Both the potatoes and the sauteed leeks are naturally moist. We found draining them in...
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Red Garnet Yam Latke ~ Gluten Free!
Grated red garnet yams flavored with genuine maple syrup and then fried in the oven. These are so good ~ earthy but light, a hint of maple...yum! We served them today with sour cream (n...
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Vegetarian Homemade Mozzarella Cheese, Caprese Salad
I enjoy this homemade cheese with Heirloom cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and a fruity olive oil drizzled on top. I've become more comfortable making this recipe so experience does help. I also...
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Slices of toasted baguettes, crostini is a perfect companion to dips and tapenades. This is a basic recipe and you should feel comfortable to use whatever herbs you'd like. I prefer my crosti...
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Ginger Glazed Salmon Skewers or Fillets
This is our famous ginger glaze recipe which we use on both skewers or fillets of salmon. It is quick and easy, both in the prep and cooking. It is a favorite with my clients and it isn't unusual ...
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Classic Crudite Platter with Ranch Dip
I found this photo of a classic crudite platter and thought I might as well show a picture of how easy it is to get color and texture with basic veggies. I have a Ranch Dip on this platter but often u...
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Herb-Roasted Olives
I love the way these olives absorb the flavors of the herbs in the oven. I like to use different colors of olives for interest. I've also slivered garlic and added it to the olives in the last 10 ...
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Pomegranate Infused Fig and Kalamata Olive Tapenade
Tu B'shevat is a great opportunity to meld flavors and work with interesting combinations of foods. This tapenade, which I'm serving with rye crackers, is easy to make and beautiful to serve. ...
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Mini Lamb Sliders with Mint Sauce
I first made these Mini Lamb Sliders for Hillelfest, Hillel UW's annual fundraiser. Wanting to do something with lamb, ground lamb appears my only affordable option for a crowd. Making them again ...
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