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Hi! Thank you for stopping by to watch me, Leah, cook kosher. I've been the owner operator of my boutique catering firm in Seattle, Leah's Catering, for the past 14 years.

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Parve Pumpkin Pie
November 22, 2011 | 1 Comments

I can live without a turkey on Thanksgiving but I can't live without a pumpkin pie. It's another one of those "personal pan" items. I need my own pie for dessert and breakfast the next day...mid-morning snack, too. I'm not baking for the community at large this Thanksgivin... (Continue to recipe and instructions)

Parve Chocolate Pecan Pie
November 23, 2011 | 4 Comments

For pecan pie lovers, the good news is that this is so easy to make. I'm not a fan of pecan pie but repeated orders tell me this must taste good. I tried a different technique last night; pre-baking the crust. I don't think that is necessary and causes the pie to brown too quickly. So, back ... (Continue to recipe and instructions)

Swedish Almond Tarts
August 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

I discover these dainty tarts while developing a menu for our Swedish buffet. There is a trend toward dessert buffets filled with tasty, worth-the-calories morsels that can be casually popped into the mouth while maintaining that "I haven't eaten a sweet in 10 years and don't miss ... (Continue to recipe and instructions)

Couscous with Seven Vegetables
March 15, 2012 | 2 Comments

Coming off of an incredible 4 week marathon, I'm staring at my website. Yikes; I'm falling behind in posting recipes! Last night, at my final event before turning the kitchen for Passover next week, a reader asks when I'm updating my Passover recipes. Soon....and, thanks for reading my b... (Continue to recipe and instructions)

Favorite Stuffed Cabbage
October 9, 2011 | 5 Comments

I love stuffed cabbage. Aviva loves kasha varnishkes. Our Hebrew birthdays are the 1st and 2nd days of Sukkot so stuffed cabbage and kasha are our celebration fare. Tonight, we celebrated early since I needed photos! Stuffed cabbage can be a long and involved process; especially for commercial purpo... (Continue to recipe and instructions)

French Apple Tart
September 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

Rosh Hashana and weeks of holidays are fast approaching. I'm crazy busy with catering and want to get more recipes uploaded. Solution at this point: put foods for the holiday onto my catering event menus. 'Tis the season so it should be fine. Tonight's board meeting dinner finished ... (Continue to recipe and instructions)

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