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Sitting at a committee meeting, someone suggests cake pops as one of the desserts offered. I'd heard a rumor that cake pops may be requested but I had hoped not. While I make plenty of time consuming items, the more crafty items elude me. A couple of years ago, someone wrote me asking about cake pops. Sadly disappointing them, I knew zilch. Finding out that they are made of cake smashed with frosting didn't make me want to know more.

Someone on the committee is asking if I've made cake pops before. I snap out of my shamanic vacation and mutter 'no' while adding an enthusiastic "but after the first 100 I'll be good at it!" Yep, they'll need 500+ pieces. This reality show is my life: 5 days, 15 menu items, 500 guests and 500 cake pops.


I head straight to The Home Cake Decorating Supply shop, "The Cake Lady" as we call Griel the owner. She inherited the shop from her mom. It's a trip back in time and a trip in general. Walking in, Griel knows I'm on a mission. She's taught me all I've needed to know so far about cake decorating. I ask if she's ever made any; nope. I tell her I thought that the fad had gone the way of the pet rock. Nope, going stronger than ever. We discuss what we know about them and decide what I need. Lots of stuff; I head for the back storage room.


The back room is full of cases of all things edible for decorating. Most of it is kosher and I'm thrilled to find what I need with Griel's help. For two people who've never made cake pops, we've got this. I turn to leave the store and take a picture. It gives Griel a different perspective on the shop; it's awesome!


The day comes for production. I've stock piled cake in the freezer and have frosting leftover from the wedding cake from the day before. The process is in the steps below. I have to say that these cake pops are fabulous. After my event, a committee member emails "For someone who has never made cake pops before, those were OUTSTANDING!" Yay!

Need something? Call Griel at 206.522.4300.

She's not online but will ship UPS and she speaks KOSHER!

Kosher Status: Dairy-Parve
Number of servings: as many as you want to make
Main Ingredient(s):
Preparation Time: 01:00
Cooking Time: 00:00
Skill Level: 3 (1 Easy - 5 Hard)
Estimated POINT value:


  • white or chocolate cake crumbs, about 1/4 cup per pop
  • white or chocolate frosting, about 1/4th as much as the cake crumbs
  • lollipop sticks
  • white or dark chocolate candy coating disks for melting
  • sprinkles for decorating


My recipe makes 500 cake pops :-). The best guess I have is that you'll need about 1/4 cup of cake crumbs per cake pop. I froze mine and it was very simple to just pull it from the freezer.

Trim the dark edges from the cake and cut into chunks for the food processor.

Pulse in the food processor just to a light crumb. Put into a mixing bowl.

Make some of my easy buttercream frosting or open a can. Add enough frosting to just bring the crumbs together.

Scoop the cake into even sizes.

Shape into balls and set on cookie sheet. Place into freezer for a few minutes while you melt the chocolate.

Melt the chocolate disks. You'll need about a pound for 30 cake pops.

Poke a stick into the cake ball about 3/4 of the way through. Remove and dip the end in the melted chocolate. Reinsert the stick. The chocolate will harden and hold the stick in place.

Dip the ball into the melted chocolate. If the ball is too cold, the chocolate will crack when dry. After dipping turn upright to allow the chocolate to slide down the sides.

Use a very small offset spatula and wipe the excess chocolate from under the ball. Poke into a styrofoam sheet and allow to dry. You can add sprinkles now before it is totally dry.

Or, you can dip the ball partially into the chocolate.

Then, you can roll in sprinkles. The sprinkles will only stick where the chocolate is wet.

You can also pipe a dot onto the ball and stick a larger decoration.

You can decorate them anyway you'd like!

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Souzan: Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love it! I can understand your feelings about the crushed cake! But the good looks made it appealing! Cheers!
Prag: Love the picture by picture guide, it's so helpful and just pleasant to follow.
Leah: Hi Souzan and Prag ~ I'm a visual person. I like the step-by-step photos and LOVE video. Makes it so much easier to understand. I had lots of fun with the cake pops. I can see why people like to make them. Have fun!
Pam: Leah, where is your recipe for the cake?
Leah: Hi Pam, Just use any leftover cake - box mix, whatever. Doesn't matter as there is so much sugar! Thanks!

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