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Rice Krispie Treats with Marshmallows and Sprinkles

Lag B'Omer is a picnic day, an upshurin day, a day to be casual and get the kids outside to play. BBQ's, hot dogs, hamburgers ~ nothing too fancy. Desserts are simple, too. Rice Krispie treats are perfect to grab and go; go run around and play. These are my basic Rice Krispie treats with a couple of handfuls of mini marshmallows and sprinkles tossed into the mix. Kids love sprinkles. Of course, my experience with Rice Krispie treats on buffet tables is that everyone becomes a kid again. Make enough for the adults.


Kosher Status: Parve
Number of servings: 9 x 13 pan or jelly roll pan, 36 - 48 bars
Main Ingredient(s):
Preparation Time: 00:20
Cooking Time: 00:00
Skill Level: 1 - Easy (1 Easy - 5 Hard)
Estimated POINT value:


  • 13 ounces puffed rice
  • 12 ounce bag mini marshmallows
  • 1/3 cup sprinkles
  • 2 containers of Fluff
  • 1/2 cup margarine


Put the Fluff into a microwaveable bowl. Add margarine in chunks. Nuke to melt.

Stir until blended.

Add Fluff mixture to puff rice. Add marshmallows and sprinkles if using. If you smear margarine onto your hands, the mixture won't stick when you mix it.

Empty the mixture into a cake or jelly roll pan. Gently press into the pan without pressing the puffed rice too hard. Freeze. It is much easier to cut these if they are frozen. If you don't have time, cut into squares using a very sharp knife.

And that is how you make Kosher Rice Krispie Treats!

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Jeanette: Hi, Sister, Rice Krispie Treats have long been a sweet favorite of mine but I have been unable to enjoy them since becoming gluten intolerant. I am SO excited to have just purchased my first box of GLUTEN-FREE RICE KRISPIE CEREAL! The original cereal (which was on the store shelf, too) lists "BARLEY MALT" as an ingredient and neither barley nor malt are considered gluten-free. Can hardly wait to whip up a batch of these childhood favorites!
Leah: Hey Sister ~ thanks for the information. I had no idea that barley malt was in rice krispies. I appreciate your expertise. Look forward to hearing about all your gluten-free baking successes.
Claudia: Could you tell me how many ounces each container of Fluff is?
Leah: Hi Claudia, I had to look online because I'm only familiar with the one kosher brand of Fluff. It is a 16 oz. container available from Amazon if you can't find it in your kosher aisle. Thanks!
Claudia: thank you so much Leah for your immediate response. I am looking forward to making the krispie treats for my grandaghters!
erica: So TWO 16oz containers are required for this recipe?
Leah: Hi Erica - sorry for the delayed response. Just married off my daughter! Okay, yes - 2# of fluff. I'm going to change it in the recipe. Thanks! Leah

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Rice Krispie Treats with Marshmallows and Sprinkles

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