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Hi! Thank you for stopping by to watch me, Leah, cook kosher. I've been the owner operator of my boutique catering firm in Seattle, Leah's Catering, for the past 14 years.

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Prosperity Corner - Where are you?
Posted: February 28, 2011 By: Leah Jaffee

February is gone. I spent half of it in Bali and the other half jet lagged. I only catered one event this month, this past Shabbat and now February is over. In between flopping from bed to sofa, I did manage to sound upbeat on the phone to potential clients, "Sure, send me an email with the details and I'll get right back to you!" Yesterday, after uploading the hamentachen recipe, I decide that I should print all those emails and review the details.

Wowzers - 21 files sit to my left. I do triage to determine which events need life support first and start typing. I didn't cook or bake for 3 weeks. I struggle to get my mojo flowing; get my brain into the zone. No 2 events are even close to being similar. Birthday celebration, wedding, Purim theme dinner, women's learning dinner, Passover....if I had someone around to talk to I'd stammer and stutter. As it is, I resist the urge to sit in a stupor. I close my eyes like a medium and transport myself to each event by place, time, and reason. I visualize the weather, the guests, and toss in all the logistical restraints and restrictions.

By the time the event arrives, it'll be deja vu all over again! I've been here, done this! I know that at the end of the event, after I've spent hours willing everything into place, my crew and I will toss our aprons into the laundry and say, "Done." We've given it 110%.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and find myself borrowing Buddhist type affirmations: This too shall pass. I call my calendar "life at a glance." A friend once said, "Live in the moment, unless you don't like it, then live in some other moment." Event planners are time travelers.

Prosperity Corner

I'm thinking of another non-Jewish tradition; Feng Shui. My talented video guy, Gidon stops by one day to see if my kitchen is suitable for shooting the video library. Very tactfully he mentions that he has shot a video for a client who does Feng Shui. He says there is something called a "prosperity corner" and I should try to find it!

Yikes. How embarrassing! While not quite living like the folks on "Hoarders", I admit that running 2 businesses from kitchen to living room is quite challenging. My shoulders sag as I look around me. I just happen to agree with Joan Rivers when she says that dusting is one of those things you do and 6 months later you have to turn around and do it all again. Sigh. I know my sister's whites are whiter....

But wait! My eyes fall on my stack of event files at the edge of my desk - snap! I've found my prosperity corner. Now I'm all happy again....back to work, this place can wait.


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