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Kosherfest 2012
Posted: November 17, 2012 By: Leah Jaffee

Kosherfest, an amazing tradeshow of who's who in the kosher food business, proceeds last week in Seacaucus, New Jersey despite the havoc brought on by hurricane Sandy. While areas of New Jersey are demolished, the Meadowlands Exposition Center is surprisingly unscathed.


Having attended Kosherfest in years past, I decide it would be fun to get a booth and join the party. Two years after launching LeahCooksKosher.com, it is time to research kosher products and see what's new. Eager to fill my "kosher products pantry", we upload the winners of the Kosherfest New Products contest. I'll write more about those later; that said ~ my personal favorite is Jack's Gourmet Facon. Sizzling sample, hot off the grill, had me fooled. Yum-yum!

Kosherfest proves to be a great time to make new contacts and friends. The kosher blogging community is out in full force. I get to make new acquaintances.

Sarah (Thepatchkeprincess.com),
Tamar and Jamie (JoyofKosher.com) and me!

I don't have much time for surfing the web but it doesn't take long to figure out who is who. I enjoy meeting my east coast counterparts. Totally have to have my photo ops.


The Koshereyes.com

Kosherfest is a great way to let folks know what we are doing and how we want to evolve LeahCooksKosher.com. People are interested and I hear about new products like rice oil with its 400' burn threshold, extra virgin olive oil that is stamped with a coded reference to the exact tree the olives were picked from and, of course, the Facon! Yum-yum!

Kosher TV

Armed with a few iPads and a 50" video screen backdrop, I explain the different aspects of LeahCooksKosher.com. I'm excited about showcasing kosher products; you wouldn't believe all the items out there which we never see. Jeff Nathan has a gluten-free panko crumb...need to get my hands on some! I was given a few things to play with, too. Stay tuned for those experiments!

And, if it wasn't enough to sample food from countless booths, I had to end the trip at Le Marais - I am the unapologetic meat eater! Did I mention the Jack's Facon?Yum-yum!

Le Marais


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