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A Tribute to the Jewish Mother
Posted: May 9, 2012 By: Leah Jaffee

And now, a message to our sponsor Wissotzky Teas ~ thank you for sharing the video tribute. I see Wissotzky Teas and I think Jewish. I see gift boxes of your tea, I think Passover. I like your tea, I like your packaging......

and, my reaction to the video had a Rachel Maddow sort of "huh?" about it. Was that "The Twilight Zone" theme song?

I did share my concerns with Margelit Hoffman of Hoffman Productions who had forwarded the video link to me to share. I wasn't sure I could get onboard with genuine enthusiasm for the video. Yes, I'd love to have someone make me a cup of tea at the end of a long day....as opposed to the 5:00 am Starbuck's crew down the street propping me up after a long night.

But, I have a bit of an issue with the visuals. Every element is elevated to certain unobtainable perfection in my chaotic life. The beautiful woman, more distressing knowing that this is how she really looks, can only be described as "Eishes Chayil on Steroids". I watch this video and I need something stronger than tea, something with a red label and clear.

I'm a "Mad Men" devotee and let the TV run into "The Pitch" while I worked the other night. I'd pay tribute to the Jewish mother with different visuals. Keeping the same soundtrack, I'd like to rework the pitch:

Here's to the mother, the unsung hero who takes on: (wake up at 6:00 am and hit snooze a couple of times)

challenges large and small (show kids aged 2 - 16)

bringing it all together and making it happen (ordering bagels and schmears at the deli)

you wear many hats (a knitted tichel)

and play many roles (drop kids off at school and then teach at same school)

you're a chef (reheat deli)

a homemaker (learn Spanglish)

a stylist (1 day sale)

a chauffeur (mini van that seats 10)

a hardworker (auction chair)

a baker (weird shaped challah and flat cookies)

a doctor (physicians assistant - call the doctor!)

a nurse (Benardryl cures everything)

a fashion designer (smooth wrinkles from clothes out of hamper)

a photographer (take baby photos out of cardboard frame by bar mitzvah)

a spiritual force and revered role model (a force to be reckoned with)

you alone hold the key to your family's heart and soul (it's under the mat!)

and no one else can take your place (call your dad!)

the only occupation that can't be retired from or delegated to anyone else (but can I quit?)

yet, incredibly, you wouldn't have it any other way (INCREDIBLY!)

and while you never want to take a break from being a mother, we think you deserve a break while being one (a week in Mexico - great!)

Tea time is me time, enjoy your moment (s)

Thank you for all you do. (You're welcome!)

To my beautiful daughters, I say "I love you" and you know your mom is silly. Thanks for not quitting being my kids!

Oh, here's the link to the beautiful video:

"Tribute to the Jewish Mother"


Posted 06-13-2012 by Alejandra mcgregorke@adv.newsltd.com.au
Let me make this even more complicated for you:As you corerctly observe, Judaism is matrilinear (passed down via the female line). As such, any child of a Jewish mother is considered a Jew according to Jewish religious law.Islam, on the other hand is patrilinear. Any child of a Muslim man is considered a Muslim also according to Islam. Here's where it gets funny: BECAUSE of its patrilinear nature, Islam allows Muslim men to marry women of other religions (well, SOME other religions).Now, what happens when a Jewish mother and Muslim father have a child?

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