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Back in the Kitchen
Posted: July 30, 2012 By: Leah Jaffee

The "Three Weeks" and "Nine Days" are over. I'm guilty of conflicting feelings; on one hand, the period of mourning should be just that and a time of reflection. That said, as a very busy caterer, I look forward to the down time. Parties are incongruous with the solemnity commemorating the destruction of The Temple. Kids are off to camps. I can catch up on paperwork....and, sleep.

People wonder how I do "it", party after party, simcha after simcha. Shabbat is necessary and I love, love that a power greater than myself gives me permission to do nothing one day a week. I need that; boy do I ever. And, once a year, I need the "Three Weeks" and this year more than ever. It's been crazy busy, thank G-d. With Aviva in Israel for a month and the Fourth of July behind me, I relish a few weeks without events....and, a few weeks to play in the new video kitchen.

Back in the Kitchen

Working on new videos

This year, I decide to attempt the usual New Year's resolutions; sort of a mid-year reality check. Nothing has changed since January 1, at least, not for the better. I decide it's a time for acupuncture, Chinese herbs, vitamins, Kombucha and no Coke. That's the tough one; no Coke.

My regular chiropractor, a big ex-football player back in the day, isn't in when I impulsively stop. Another in the office agrees to see me and starts to crack my back and pull my legs. He does a little on my neck and then refuses. Way too stiff. He suggests an acupuncturist. My old one has moved on to other techniques but I prefer the needles. No Coke and I move on to the needles; sounds like I'm a junkie!

The soft-spoken acupuncturist talks to me about various techniques she uses. Handing her my clipboard of complaints, she wonders aloud where to begin. Pick a spot, we're going for 12 sessions in 6 weeks. I count about 60 needles going in from the top of my head to my feet. I'm laying there playing possum even though I look like a porcupine. She starts talking about diet.

She asks if I've ever made chicken soup. Oh please, don't make me laugh. Don't make me release 6 months of intense stress in a laughing jag. I don't want to curl up, tears streaming, repeating the question, "Have I EVER made chicken soup?" She can't get another needle in me as I quake with pursed lips, a voodoo doll about to pop. Very gently and quietly she says, "Oh, of course, you're a kosher caterer ~ I'm sure you've made tons of chicken soup.....I make it with the feet."

Oh no! Not the feet.....shaking with stifled laughter, I'm thinking of the time I reached into the cold cavity of a chicken thinking to remove the neck. I grab chicken feet, yank them out and scream running from the kitchen. Took forever to get back into the kitchen wearing 2 pairs of rubber gloves. Oh please, don't make me laugh.

Earlier today, the acupuncturist, in her calm and gentle manner (dang, I hate that!) tells me that she wants to put needles in the front and back of me. "Trust me on this, you'll be able to lay on the needles." Yeah, just don't make me laugh!

Tisha B'Av was yesterday. August looms before me ~ I don't think we can take any more events until late November, if then. The year will be over before I know it. My goal is to keep up the blog and make more videos, upload recipes. Mid-year resolutions.........


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